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Our Flagship Session is a 2-week program designed for Lumos Alumni that are looking for an extra challenge. Flagship offers a more intensive focus on researching, writing, and debating. Students are required to be at least eighth grade, and must have previously attended a 2-week Lumos summer debate program, or have other debate experience. Our Accel Session is a 1-week program that is designed for highly motivated Lumos Alumni who are looking to polish their debate skills over this short 1-week period. Accel consists of three days of preparation, and two days of debating in the tournament. The Accel Session is our most intensive debate offering.

Age Range

13 - 15 Years Old


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Skill Level





1 week or 2 weeks


1-week Session = $700 and 2-week Session = $1250

1-week Session = $800 and 2-week Session = $1550

For 1-week Session, use discount code MAYONE to get a $100 discount for a special price of $700. For 2-week Session, use discount code MAYTWO to get a $300 discount for a special price of $1250 - both available until May 31, 2019.

Please note, there is a $75 per-week surcharge for our UES sessions due to a higher cost of rent in these locations. For all locations, we will not be running class on July 4th. Sessions that include July 4th will be receiving a pro-rated discount, which will be applied in June (in case you need to change dates before then).

Each session will center on one of the following topic areas. Please note, younger students will have lots of personal coaching, and will focus on simplified versions of these topic areas, so that they can feel comfortable learning about debate at their level.

Economic Policy & Trade: in this topic area, students will learn about globalization, trade policy, and economic interdependence. Students will discuss the benefits and harms of offshoring, will learn about the effects of global trade on local economies, and learn how the United States partners and competes with other nations on the global stage.

Foreign Aid and Policy: in this topic area, students learn about how the US works with other countries like China, Pakistan, and Israel. Students will focus specifically focus on the effects of foreign aid, including developmental aid, humanitarian aid, and military aid. Students will learn about the importance of foreign aid as a policy tool, but also as a humanitarian good.

Global Current Events: this topic area will focus on a current event topics that is in the news and being widely discussed. Topics may cover refugee crisis, nuclear proliferation, democracy promotion, climate change, or global politics with a specific focus on how US policy is contextualized in a global environment.  

Advanced Technique

Students who have mastered the basics learn to formulate more advanced arguments and high-level strategy. They prepare for rounds high school and college debate style, through repetition and drills. More intensive research and calculated language, they are able to reach and persuade judges of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Some judges prefer highly technical, fast argumentation; others are listening for compelling rhetoric, eye contact, and body language. Great debaters adapt to their judge.

Students learn to be polite yet assertive in cross-examination. These speeches affects speaker points more than any other and it is essential to stay calm and poised in no matter what the opponent does.

Tournament Preparation

Students practice the challenging summary and final focus speech, learning to make tactical decisions and prioritize arguments. Students also practice polishing their delivery, poise, and cross-examinations in a debate round, in order to maximize their speaker points, which are crucial to tournament seeding and break-rounds.

Some judges prefer highly technical, fast argumentation; others are listening for compelling rhetoric, eye contact, and body language. Great debaters adapt to their judge.

The most challenging skill for rising debaters is learning to see the big picture, and understand the overall narrative of the round: what is the judge focused on right now?

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