Give your child the advantage of public speaking training.

Our Young Speakers program is a great way to introduce your child to public speaking. Students learn the basics of public speaking and prepare to give a final speech (Ted Talk, Historical Speech, or Humorous Speech) for our final presentation! This is a fun and active program that kids love. They will learn about projection, body language, eye contact, and get lots and lots of practice giving speeches!

Age Range

9 - 11 Years Old


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Skill Level

Beginner - Intermediate




1 week




Use discount code MARCH1 to get a $120 discount for a special price of $755, available until March 31, 2020.

New for 2020! Sibling discount is now 5% of paid tuition per child and will be issued as a refund once registration is complete.

Confident Body Language and Delivery

Practice from a young age is key to building up the confidence they need to speak to school teachers, new friends, and groups of classmates. At Lumos, students practice daily, speaking in small and large groups. They build the confidence they will eventually use to connect with others, and advocate for themselves in all situations.

Throughout the week, students will learn about and practice a variety of different speeches - from argumentative, to informative, to impromptu!

Especially in public speaking, students have to learn that mistakes are OK, as long as they keep on going and give it their best shot and try again!

Structuring Ideas

Students need to articulate clear and completed thoughts in order to communicate effectively with those around them. At Lumos, young students deliver speeches by taking stances, researching, and structuring writing. Through practice, they empower themselves to speak clearly to others about topics they care about.

All our programs guarantee a 6:1 student teacher ratio, which means that your child will get lots of individualized coaching and attention.

Our instructors are some of the warmest, kindest people you will ever meet. We are all here because we love the challenge of helping every student find their unique voice.

The Lumos Curriculum Flow

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