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Everyone knows that public speaking is important. From classroom presentations to high-pressure interviews, to important business meetings — communication skills are key. If your child knows how to speak strongly and clearly, and knows how to explain their ideas to others, they will have a huge advantage over their peers in any environment.

At the same time, convincing your child to do a public speaking class can be very difficult. Public speaking classes are often intimidating, scary, and boring. Students who do not want to be there in the first place do not give their best effort, and they end up disliking public speaking even more than before they started; it just makes the problem worse.

That's why we created Lumos. We believe that learning public speaking should be a fun, active, and low-pressure experience. We have worked incredibly hard to develop speaking games and activities that kids absolutely love so our students genuinely enjoy themselves and have a ton of fun doing public speaking and debate.

Our secret is pretty simple: our incredible staff. Lumos instructors are some of the friendliest, funniest, most energetic people you will ever meet, and they are truly wonderful at offering support and encouragement for every student. We ensure every class has a 6:1 student-teacher ratio or better. Your child will really get to know their teacher and build trust with them—this is so important for public speaking coaching, which is all about trust.

Lumos is a place where public speaking is fun, exciting, and active. We are totally invested in the growth and development of each and every student, and we are here to help your child discover the power of their unique voice.


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Zeph Chang, Director of Education
Forbes 30 Under 30, Education 2019

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