Education Philosophy

We believe that public speaking can be fun and exciting. We make that happen by creating a highly personalized educational experience for each student. We work hard to really get to know every single child, to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, and to design activities and curriculum just for them!

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Fun and Engaging Activities

We teach public speaking through fun and interactive activities. Our goal is always to meet the students needs and interest, which are different for every child. For some students, that may mean games and activities that allow them to practice public speaking while having a blast. For others, that means in-depth discussions on debate strategy and practice. Whatever a student’s level or interest, we always tailor activities to their specific educational needs.

Fast & Efficient Learning

We do not use long lectures or thick textbooks in our classrooms. Especially for public speaking, learning is all about practice, coaching, and improvement. Our classes start with quick micro-lessons that deliver key concepts followed by students spending the majority of class time practicing these new skills in their own speeches. Learning at Lumos occurs through one-on-one coaching, where the instructor works with students directly, offering feedback, suggestions, and encouragement.

Student-Instructor Bonding

Teaching public speaking is all about trust. We ask our students to leave their comfort zone, and to speak up and share their ideas with an audience; this only works when a teacher really gains the trust and respect of their student. Your child’s instructor will take the role of a mentor figure—someone that will take their ideas seriously and will be supportive in all circumstances—someone who not only has the necessary expertise, but is deeply invested in their success.

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