Why Debate?

Five Celebrities who thank Speech and Debate for Success

"A wide array of iconic celebrities and influential people who did speech and debate during their education! Many of these individuals credit their experience in debate to their later success in life" By Jenna Kaminski

Why Debate?

How to Gain Confidence for Public Speaking

"[Individuals] are intimidated by or uncomfortable with public speaking, overcoming that uneasiness is possible through gaining confidence in one’s ability to speak" By Suning Wang

Why Debate?

How Debate Teaches the invaluable Lesson of Empathy

"I believe that [my debate listening skills] allowed me to become a more compassionate person and learn to not only resolve conflicts, but support others who I might otherwise dislike because of our opposing opinions" By Jenna Kaminski

Why Debate?

Four Reasons Debate is the most Rewarding Activity in School for your Child

"Debate teaches students to research every side and perspective of an event, giving them the opportunity to formulate an educated and strong argument that they can truly put out to the world" By Katherine Gu

Meet our Instructors

Lumos Debate Instructor Credits Experience for Acceptance to Harvard

"She credits a her work ethic and ambition as a Pre-Med student to the skills she learned through the activity [of high school debate]" By Cynthia Phan

Why Debate?

Six Reasons Your Child will Benefit from Debate

"Students learn how to show that they are confident and worth believing - a skill that is very important for building future leaders" By Irina Costache

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