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What Do Kids Think?

"I can't believe I'm saying this, it was actually fun..."

Meet Jay


Jay’s mom signed him up for Lumos in Summer 2015. Jay didn’t know what to expect, because it was his first time doing a public speaking program. However, he went anyway, and ended up really liking it. He learned the basics of a debate round and even competed in his first debate tournament that summer!

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Individualized Coaching

Jay had lots of one on one coaching from his instructors. They helped him write his first case, and gave him personalized feedback on his speeches.

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Fun Activities

Throughout the session, Jay’s class took breaks during lunch to play capture the flag, and even had a water balloon fight. It was a lot of fun!

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Critical Thinking

Jay learned how to construct an argument and give a rebuttal speech. He especially loved the cross-examination sections of  the debate round.

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After Lumos

When Jay got to high school, at Newton South, he decided to join the debate team. With lots of hard work and training, Jay became a leading member of the team, named a Team Captain in 2018. Jay has won numerous major national awards, including 2nd place at the Yale Invitational, and 1st place at the TOC National Tournament! We are glad to have played our role in sparking Jay's debate career!

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Track record of success

Lumos students have gone on to win dozens of debate awards, including awards at major national tournaments like the Yale Invitational, UPenn Invitational, Harvard Invitational, and Columbia Invitational.

Lumos' Record of Success

Student Reviews

Claire D.

Newton, MA

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It was inspiring, eye opening!

I know I can actually speak in front of a crowd now! You meet really great people, and you make new friends, and you get pretty close to them. We have great instructors. They’re amazing, they’re the best.

Rachel R.

Manhattan, NY

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You get a lot smarter!

You get to speak up on what you think. You might not know anything about the topic, but when you do research, you’re like oh yeah, I can do this. It’s a great time, and debating is really really fun, and you get a lot smarter!

Rohit S.

Acton, MA

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I expected it to be boring, but it was the total opposite!

I liked that we learned at the same time we also had fun. Before, I had a fear of public speaking - I didn’t want to public speak at all. But now I have the confidence to go in front of my classmates and talk!

Zach F.

Manhattan, NY

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So inviting and welcoming

Lumos has increased every single one of my debate skills. It’s a place surrounded by supportive people you can consider your friends even if you just got there that day. Everyone is just so inviting and welcoming here.

Rachel H.

Westchester, NY

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Best summer program ever

It was like the best summer program I’ve ever been to. I used to get nervous before I stood up and talked, but Lumos made me comfortable with public speaking. Lumos it just raises your confidence level, and makes you stronger!

Wubet J.

Westchester, NY

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I was really nervous but it was great!

On the first day I was really nervous! I was sitting on the bench listening to music being antisocial. My instructor, Lindsey, came up to me and she talked to me. She made me laugh so hard I cried! I like the people here, they’re all really nice.

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