2020 Summer Orientation Info

This page contains the online orientation info for parents and students registered for our summer online sessions! 

Please read the following in preparation for your upcoming session:

1) Please check your email receipt to confirm the dates of your registration. If you aren't sure when you are registered for, email juliedavis@lumosdebate.com - each day will run 10am-3pm EST and will take place on Zoom.

If you need to request a change of dates or a cancellation, please let us know by at least 10 days before the first day of the session.

2) The Zoom link for online classes will be sent 1-2 days before the session to both parents and students via email.

We've found that sometimes, the Zoom links get caught in a filter or spam folder, so please check that as well. 

3) Required Materials:
- Pen and notebook for taking notes

- Video-conference device (computer or tablet) with working audio and video. Please note: siblings or friends need separate devices, they can not share a device.

- Stationary chairs: We have found that office chairs that can swivel can be very distracting for students, who spin around on them. We would recommend that you provide your child with a stationary chair if possible to avoid distractions. 

- (Recommended) Join a test meeting to make sure Zoom works on your device: https://zoom.us/test

4) Suggestions:

- Chromebook: We’ve found Chromebooks are slightly more likely to experience glitches on Zoom, if there is an option to use a different device, please do so. But if a Chromebook is the only choice, it will work fine!

- iPad: if your student intends to use an iPad for writing/research, please have a second device (like a smartphone) for Zoom conferencing. Otherwise the student may need to turn off Zoom on the iPad when they are writing. 

5) Lunch and Breaks: We will have time scheduled for lunch each day and there will be time throughout the day for active games, individual work, and break time. Students may request a bathroom break throughout the day. If you need detailed lunch and break times, please reach out to your instructor (you will receive the instructors contact information via email, on the Saturday before your scheduled session).

6) Privacy Caution: Please designate a quiet area for your student to be video-calling for classes. Please remind your student to dress appropriately, and to be cautious about what is happening in the background of the call in order to ensure the privacy of your homes. 

7) Waiver: A program waiver will need to be signed for each student. You’ll see this in a separate email through docusign. 

8) Friend Requests: Please note, many families have been switching dates this summer. If your child is expecting to be attending Lumos with a friend, please reach out to that family to make sure they are still registered for the same session as your child.

9) Instructor Requests: We have received requests from parents to place their child with the same instructor they had at the workshop. Unfortunately, staffing is largely determined by the student groupings, experience level, male-female pairings, etc. so there are no guarantees on staff placement.

10) Contact Info: In case you have any questions, you should contact our registration coordinator, Julie Davis at juliedavis@lumosdebate.com