Learn the Basics of Public Speaking and debate!

Students will learn the basics of debate including how to write a case, how to use evidence, how to do a cross examination, and how to give a rebuttal. Your child will also get lots of public speaking practice to improve their projection, body language, eye contact, and get lots and lots of practice giving speeches!

All our programs have a guaranteed 4:1 student teacher ratio so that every child gets ample opportunity to speak. Even in an online format, we'll have fun games, speaking activities, and dynamic instructors that students love at Lumos!

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Age Range

10-12 Years Old


10 am - 12:30 pm ET
1:30 pm - 4 pm ET
(1 hour lunch break)

Skill Level

Beginner - Intermediate


June 20 - August 19


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1 week


$580 $630

Use discount code JLSON1 to get a $50 discount for a special price of $580, available until July 31, 2022.

Bring a friend! If both friends register for the same class/dates, we'll provide a $25 referral discount to both families (issued as a refund after registration is complete)!

Sibling discount is now 5% of paid tuition per child and will be issued as a refund once registration is complete.

Topic Areas - this summer, our students will research four different topic areas. The final resolutions will be selected a few weeks before the session.

Topic 1: US Policy. This topic area focuses specifically on domestic US policy - it covers everything from healthcare, to labor laws, to immigration policy, economic policy, and more. During this session, students will focus on a specific area of US policy and its effect on US families and communities.

Topic 2: Energy/Technology. This topic area covers a range of options including climate change policy, biotechnology, infrastructure, big tech companies, regulation, and more. During this session students will focus on a specific area of technology and debate it's harms and benefits.

Topic 3:  Current Events. This topic area includes a wide range of issues, including trade policy, geopolitics, regional instability, and healthcare, and domestic crises. During this session, students will focus on a specific currents events issue and the US or international response.

Topic 4:  Social Media. This topic area focuses on social media and its significant impact on politics, social issues and education. During this session students will compare the harms and benefits of social media in modern day society.

4:1 Student Teacher ratio

We've found that, especially for online coaching, having a small class size is absolutely critical for making sure that every student gets to speak - even our shy or more reluctant students! The 4:1 student teacher ratio also means that our instructors really get to know each child's strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted coaching throughout the week.

Private Coaching Built-In

The most effective teaching we do is in one-on-one coaching with students. These highly-focused sessions lead to immense growth in each student's capabilities, because they get immediate feedback on their volume, voice, and tone. Our schedule has been designed to emphasize one-on-one coaching, personal feedback, and lots of public speaking practice!

The Lumos Curriculum Flow

Lumos Flow Chart

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