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Each semester, our students learn about a new current event topic, practice their public speaking skills, and compete in online debate tournaments! Students work with their teammates to research arguments, write cases, and prepare rebuttals for opponent arguments. The program culminates in two Open-Invitational Debate Tournaments where students will have the opportunity to debate against teams from other debate programs across the country!

Team Membership includes:

- 10 Weekly Zoom Classes (2 hours)
- 2 Open Invitational Debate Tournaments (7 hours)
- 4 Bi-Weekly "Office Hours" for Optional One-on-One Coaching
- 3 Student Progress Check-ins by Phone (in addition to weekly written updates)
- 4:1 student teacher ratio, guaranteed (Class size of 8 with 2 instructors)
- Beginner and Advanced students are separated into different classes

Age Range

10-16 Years Old


Tuesdays OR Thursdays (6pm-8pm EST) plus two Saturday Tournaments (9am-4pm EST)

Skill Level

Beginner - Advanced (Classes Grouped by Age/Experience)


See Calendar Below


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10 weeks + 2 Saturday Tournaments



Registration is now closed.

Lumos also offers a 5% sibling discount that will be issued as a refund within 48 hours of registration.

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4:1 Student Teacher Ratio

We do classes of 8 students with 2 instructors per class. We've found that, especially for online coaching, having a small class size is absolutely critical for making sure that every student gets to speak - even our shy or more reluctant students! The 4:1 student teacher ratio also means that our instructors really get to know each child's strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted coaching throughout the week.

Private Coaching Built-In

Throughout each week, students will get edits and advice as they research and write out their speeches. In addition, they'll have a chance to do one-on-one conferences with instructors to work on their tournament preparation. And of course, during our classes, students will have a chance to do speaking activities and practice debates so they can get immediate feedback live over zoom!

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