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This is a great way to try out Lumos before signing up for Summer. These are half-day workshops that run 10am - 2pm and give students a great introduction to speech and debate.

This is a low-pressure, high-energy workshop filled with fun speaking activities and debate games to give students a great first debate experience. For online, class size is capped to hold a 4:1 student-teacher ratio and 6:1 student-teacher ratio for in person, to ensure that every student gets opportunities for speaking and debating!

Age Range

8-14 Years Old


10 am - 2 pm EST

Skill Level



December 27 - 30


Massachusetts: Newton and Lexington
New York: Manhattan and Queens


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1 - Day



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6:1 Student Teacher Ratio

We do classes of 8 students with 2 instructors per class. We've found that, especially for online coaching, having a small class size is absolutely critical for making sure that every student gets to speak - even our shy or more reluctant students! The 4:1 student teacher ratio also means that our instructors really get to know each child's strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted coaching throughout the week.

Private Coaching Built-In

At Lumos, we make public speaking fun! For some students, that may mean games and activities that allow them to practice public speaking while having a blast. For others, that means group discussions on debate strategy and practice. Whatever a student’s level or interest, we are here to tailor our activities to their needs.

The Lumos Curriculum Flow

Curriculum flow chart

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