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Public Forum Debate II

2 Weeks
In Person
Gr 8-10

This is our advanced program, designed for students in rising grades 7-10 that have already learned the basics of Public Forum Debate. Students will learn about more advanced debate techniques and skills and then debate in our 2-day tournament at the end of the session.

Public Forum Debate II
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Our Mission

We believe that public speaking doesn't have to be scary! At Lumos we make public speaking fun and welcoming, to give your child the opportunity to find their unique voice!

Our Values

We believe that the instructing quality is the most important factor in any learning experience. We believe in the power of one-on-one coaching, built on trust and personalized learning.

Our promise

We promise that your child will love their Lumos experience. Even if they’re reluctant at first, by the time you pick them up after their first day, you’ll feel surprised to see that they actually had a really great time.

Our Culture

We believe that a company exists to serve its customers — to deliver WOW experiences for students and parents, and to invent on their behalf. We intend to work tirelessly for you and your children.

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